Passionate about happy, fun, carefree, spontaneous fashion and portrait photography.

When I was about fifteen years old, I was told by a family friend that I should be a photographer. I laughed it off and never thought of it again… until now (ten years later). Life has a funny way of “nudging” you towards your destiny, and I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

I studied photography for two years at Elishout COOVI in Brussels, until the Summer of 2012.

Since then I’ve been shooting away, trying to gain as much knowledge and experience as I can, and finding a style I am comfortable with.

I want to capture happiness. Girls dancing in a field, flowers in their hair.
I love everything that is pink / dreamy / floral / girly / cute / soft / fairytale-esque

Clients:  Mode Sans Souci, Via Sophia, Lotte voor Louise
Industry:  Fashion, Lifestyle, Portraits